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Journal Entry: Wed Jan 21, 2015, 7:12 PM

Its about time I did something with this :P


free Bullet : yellow star by pastel-paintbrushy First 5 people to comment get a feature! <:
free Bullet : yellow star by pastel-paintbrushy You must make a journal just like this one in return
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First one goes To


Look at how adorable and generally awesome their art is! I especially like their traditional pics.

Premium Membership???

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 26, 2014, 6:01 AM
Haha wow, Thanks :iconmariasuki: !

(Lets catch up sometime)

I'm alive!



One day I will stop fleeting in and out of dA and settle down with a nice art style and account and not feel the need to change anything.

So how are you all?

I need to try and draw to improve my art so I'm reviving this dead account once more to try and use this as a platform for my art once more.

So yeah, sorry to bore you guys. Just thought you would like to know.

I'm up to chat whenever

Plus I am free to do art requests and commissions and trades...thats a thing.
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I'm drawing in pencil for the moment, but I will upload coloured stuff when I can.

It's an ask blog, for Dinky Doo. :icondinkydooplz: Questions will be awesome to get. :3

EDIT: 100 followers in half a day! Not bad!
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Journal Entry: Sat Jul 21, 2012, 12:32 PM
Tagged by: :iconspiritsoflight:


1.You must post these rules.
2.Each person must post 11 Facts about themselves in their journal.
3. Then Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4.You have to choose 11 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5.Go to their page and tell them you have tagged him/her.
6.No tag backs.
7.No stuff in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you are reading this." You legitimately (AKA, really, truly, with all honesty) have to tag 11 people.

facts about me:

1) I still play Pokemon
2) I's a pegasister
3) I love the 'tales of...' series
4) I have just finished college (I think it is equivalent to high school for you american peeps :3 )
5) I love britain, despite being a typical british citizen who complains a lot.
6) I love fish, but don't like tuna ;(
7) My record for going without sleep is just over 24 hours.
8) I love Okami
9) I went for my first 'holiday' without parents to cardiff, wales.
10) I love Zelos :3
11) I have recently enjoyed reading "Alex's adventures in numberland"

Questions I have to answer:
1) What religion are you?
I was baptised as christian, but at the moment I am agnostic.
2) Do you like marshmallows?
I love them, though if I eat too many it gets sickly >.<
3) What is your favourite TV show?
Not running: Scrubs/friends. Still running: ..I don't know, big bang theory I guess, though I don't watch TV now.
4) What is your favourite animal?
5) Did you want to be tagged?
Yeah :3
6) What would you do if your ice cream turned purple?
I would assume some berries exploded underneath it or something.. O-o
7) What's your favourite colour?
8) Do you like MLP (My little pony)?
Of course!
9) Have you ever tasted a waffle?
yeah, they are gorgeous! *o*
10) Do you like school?
Didn't like high school, but I enjoyed college
11) What's your favourite chocolate?
I dont like chocolate... but I guess it would have to be white chocolate, since it isn't really chocolate.

My Questions:

1)What's your favourite video game, if any?
2) Favourite book?
3) Favourite movie?
4) If you could travel back in time up to a year from now, would there be anything you would change? If so, what? (That is, if you want to tell us.)
5) Least favourite colour?
6) Do you like chocolate?
7) Is there a food you will never eat?
8) Do you wear contact lenses? What is your opinion on them?
9) Do you have a favourite smell?
10) A favourite sound?
11) Do you play any instruments?

I tag... (this will be difficult.):
:iconmonocledgentlewoman: :icontukari-g3: :iconmichiru-usagi: :iconcandidcanine: :iconslasherbunni: :iconmew-ville: :iconaskderpyandthedoctor: :iconoshawottsrule95: :iconzero20-2: :icondj-ghetto-headphones: :iconmariasuki: ...and I can't think of an 11th.

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Well, I'm hyped

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 15, 2012, 2:42 PM…

I'm hyped for season 3 already, and it is not out for another month or so.

The animation seems be be of higher quality, from what I can see in these songs, plus, it seems Cadance is back..!

Also, pony skin. Because I can.

Link to journal skin->

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After a year and a bit.  

Sorry about that o_o

I might upload some stuff sometime this week, but problem is it might be pony related stuff at first... >.<


Wow, it's been ages :/
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I decided to jump on the bandwagon here

I might not be on much, but I'll edit this to tell you when I am on... maybe. I doubt I will though, because no-one will give a crap XD
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That enoby picture I just submitted pretty much sums up how I feel right now.


Why do I even still talk to that person? >:F
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I'm 16 today.

Not that any of you wil know since I didnt make a journal until last minute.

FFF I feel so OLD ;A;
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Its not that bad.

No, seriously, It isnt that bad. Im already kinda used to it. I find the zoom function works fine, and I'lll get used to the smallness of the message bar.

I really dont see why everyone is seemingly slitting themselves over it.
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Ive finally gotten back to playing on pokemon pearl, and now I'm trying to increase my no. of shineys. I only have two *sob*. (both accidental. One sandslash <3 from sapphire and a shiny fearow) Only I'm failing badly. Im trying to do that chain linking thing, but.. ugh, the best I got was 15.

And the catchy music?

FFF Rhythm heaven FFF

Damn you Don for showing me that link to remix 10 ;v;
Its perminantly stuck in my head now FFF

EDIT: New record: Chain link of 32 FFFFFFFFFFFF--
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I'll make a request for anyone who catches it

((I will actually do it, too.))

It will be special because not only is it for my 15k, it will be my 100th pic. :V

Yes, I will wait that long untill I upload.
.. I have uploaded quite a lot of work. Which is unusual. I guess I wasnt that lazy today :V


also, its someone's birthday today. :U
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